Heating & air conditioning system options

Sheehan Plumbing installs, repairs and services HVAC systems. If you are looking at installing a new HVAC system for your residential or commercial space give us a call. We'll recommend the right solutions for your lifestyle and desires, based on our knowledge of quality energy efficient heating and cooling products. As HVAC specialists we will take into account your needs and lifestyle, as well as the physical requirements of your particular home or commercial space.

Since every space is different, our custom analysis of your requirements will determine the best heating and air conditioning systems for your home. There are many standards, upgrades, and custom options available to choose from. The analysis will provide custom-made solutions that are best for you.

Mini Split Outdoor Unit

A Freedom 95 Furnaces (Gas) Single Stage Cutaway

Heating System

Sheehan Plumbing installs, repairs and services complete heating systems in residential and commercial properties.

To have an efficient heating system it is important to have your furnace maintained and serviced every year. By having your furnace serviced and the filters cleaned you will have lower heating bills and the heating is more effective. Sheehan Plumbing services all brands of furnaces.

Heat Pumps

We install, repair and service any make or model heat pump. Heat Pumps give you year round comfort in one system providing heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer. Keeping them in optimal running condition ensures tranquil air quality of your home or office all year round.

Air Conditioning Systems

Air conditioners can help create spaces with the best quality air, making your home comfortable by removing warm air and cycling it back as cooler air. Sheehan Plumbing offer many solutions to find the right option that gives optimal air throughout your home.

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