Water Filtration

Sheehan Plumbing installs and services all brands of water filtration systems for residential and commercial locations. Water filtration systems can be installed for both city water and well water supplies.

Water filtration can be used when there is a problem with water such as odour, taste or colouration.  If you are considering installing water filtration there are three main types of water treatment to look at.

Standard Media Filter

A standard media filtration unit drains the water through different medium to remove particles and organic contaminants. Media is the plural for media There are three main types of filters:

Various water filters
  • Particle filters either made of fibre of ceramics which remove particles from the water through a membrane
  • Activated Carbon filters which remove organic contaminants and chemicals which often cause taste. odour and colour problems
  • Resin Filters which remove contaminants such as lead and other heavy metals, as well as minerals that cause deposits in kettles and coffee makers.

These types of filter  can either be installed at the point of entry t and filter all the water used in the building, or in a point of use location such as under a sink.

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Reverse Osmosis Water Filters
Reverse osmosis

Reverse Osmosis water filters force the water through a semi-permeable membrane that has very small holes or “pores”. Clean water passes through and impurities that are too big to pass through the membrane are left behind and flushed away. The water is filtered by being pressured as it passes through different types of filters. These types of filters can be installed at point of entry or point of use as with the standard media filter system. This is the ultimate media filter as it removes all impurities from water.

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Ultra-Violet Water Treatment
UV water filter

Ultra Violet or UV treatment is not a filter, but a process of disinfecting the water by eradicating bacteria and living organisms in the water with a special light source which emits UV waves. This treatment is becoming more popular as it does not require the use of chemicals.

A UV treatment system does need to be used in conjunction with a filter as it doesn’t filter out the particles from the water

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