Drain Cleaning

Sheehan Plumbing and Heating offers a full service for all draining cleaning and pipe repair or replacement issues. If you have a problem with a blocked drain or leaking sewer pipe, we have the expertise, technology and the equipment to fix your problem quickly for you.


camera inspection for pipes and drains
Sheehan Plumbing uses specialized cameras to inspect pipes for structural damage, root growth and misaligned pipes in the drainage system. This means that we can quickly locate the problem area saving time and money by digging down to fix or replace the pipe rather than digging up a large area. Camera inspections will identify the cause of the problem in pipes and blocked drains enabling us to determine the best method to solve the issue. Often root growth into the pipe can cause problems. Our equipment can remove the root growth from inside the pipe so no digging is neccessary.


Regular maintenance is important , especially for commercial properties. Sheehan Plumbing’s high pressure jet cleaning equipment will keep your drains and pipes free from the debris that could causeĀ  a blockage problem.