HRV -Heat Recovery Ventilator

Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRV’s) maintain indoor air quality without increasing your energy costs.

Venmar HRV

Traditional ventilation methods, like opening a window or use of a common bath fan, do not adequate ventilation as they do not provide satisfactory moisture control and indoor air quality. Another disadvantage with the traditional methods is that while they exchange fresh air for stale air, heat is lost in the process.  A Heat Recovery Ventilator system removes the heat from the outgoing air and inserts it into the incoming air and has an 80% efficiency rate. Visit the Natural Resources Canada website for more information

Heat Recovery Ventilation system
A properly designed and installed ventilation system is the key to positive moisture control and will help ensure a healthy indoor environment for the occupant.  There are two main types of  HRV system, Most commonly used  is a HRV stand alone unit which is attached to the furnace and uses the ducted system of heating. The other type are units which are attached to the window or wall of a room and are most often used in multifamily dwellings.

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