Mini Split

Do you have problem areas in your space that are either too hot or too cold for comfort and your existing HVAC system is not adequate for these areas? A mini split system could well be what you need. A mini split is an outdoor and an indoor unit which means there is no ducting or sheet metal involved in the
Indoor mini split





Mini split system indoor & outdoor
A mini split enables you to heat or cool specific locations of your home or commercial property. It is easy to
install and one outdoor unit can give multiple indoor heads.




Mini split outdoor unit

A mini split can be used in conjunction with an electrical system and or for additional rooms and add-ons to your home after the initial heating system was installed. You can also use a mini split system for problem
areas of the home which do not get heated or cooled adequately.






Mini Split system

Call Sheehan Plumbing to look at your space and advise you on the most effective and efficient type of
heating and cooling system for your space. A mini split system may be just the solution you are looking for.
We can do the complete installation for you and do all your service and maintenance as well as needed
repairs for you.